Monday, April 23, 2012

Carry on versus Check bags - US airlines


There are so many things to complain about with them where does one start? I mean really, where else can a company get away with charging what they want, make you wait, sometimes completely cancel your flight and least of all the FEES. Add on top of that TSA's supposed security to keep you safe. I mean seriously having a baby leaves you with more dignity than going through security lines.  Remove this. Take this out of your bag to show the world. Don't let anything touch in your plastic tote. Cripes, I had 3 grey totes just for myself to get through the screening process!!! But I am digressing, the purpose of this post is to discuss checking a bag versus carrying a bag on board.

I was reading another post where the guy couldn't believe people check bags in this day and it got me thinking - it may still be the way to go.

I just was out of town last week so this is fresh in my head - think ice cream previous post. MMMMM, oops digressing again.  Since I was gone for a week and didn't want to go out and find 3oz hair sprays, face moisturizers and such that I would just check my bag.  So I just packed my normal things in a suitcase and headed to the airport to check my big @ss bag. It weighed in at 33 pounds so I had a long way to go until 50.  After dropping off my bag, I only had my backpack to deal with but as I referred to above it still took 3 grey totes by the time I unloaded the laptop, took off my shoes and coat, and emptied my pockets of cough drops and cell phone.

We get to the gate and this is where I really start thinking. There are people with bags, purses, and TONS of carry on suitcases.  They all seem to want on the plane first. Heck when I have to pull along my carry on suitcase I want to be the first one on also. If you aren't one of the first people on the plane, good luck finding a spot for that piece of carry-on luggage. It could be either ahead or behind you but good luck retrieving it when you land at the next stop. People are pushing and shoving and if your bag happens to be other than right above your head, you won't get off the plane anytime soon.  Plus you pretty much can throw your back out trying to get your carry-on suitcase 6 + feet in the air into the nano compartment. For a tall guy this may not present a problem but for a gal, it is a challenge. Especially if she is traveling alone and doesn't have that tall strong partner to hoist it over her head.

If you are lucky enough to get on the plane in time to get your bag in a good spot above your head, then comes the horrible part. Waiting for the ENTIRE REST OF THE PLANE to load.  This I would estimate to be around 25-30 minutes. Add to this banging around of other folks trying to get into their seats, you having to get up and down for those folks beside you, getting kneed in the back a few times. It just doesn't make for any fun.

I also read that a few airlines are starting to charge for carry-ons. You do all the work and they STILL charge you. Wow, what a crock.  The whole shipping your suitcase by UPS. Sounds like something UPS or Fed Ex thought up to get more business. How inconvenient is that? I'm sorry but I don't want to be without my stuff I must pack in my suitcase for a week either side of shipping. Plus I don't want to make yet another stop before my trip out of town to mail it. Just sounds like additional stress to me.

As I wrap up all this serious thought, I decide maybe it is time to take my backpack and leisurely get onto the plane. How nice not to have to drag along anything but my backpack and worry where to place it. Right under the seat it goes as I make two folks get out of the seat so I can get to my window seat... yes, I do believe a checked bag is the way to go. Until something else better comes along like beaming me to my destination.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ice Cream!!!


That is all I can say.

I went to Leatherbys in Salt Lake City.

They make their own ice cream in their restaurant.

Saying it is amazing is an understatement.

As Amy said, "It's a bit like heaven."

Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

If you ever get out to that area, I would HIGHLY recommend stopping in for one of their specialties.  I had Jill's concoction.  I had to take a photo of the creation!!!

I brought a doggy cup home for my co-workers. They were yanking it out of each others hands to fight for it. It is THAT good.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday

Too me there is never much good about Good Friday. I wonder how that name was chosen. I mean Good Easter sure but not Good Friday. I mean really being a Christian, it is so sad the torture Jesus had to endure for the rest of us sinners. I am always in sort of a down mood on this day. Introspective. Knowing I should do better. Realizing what was done for me and mankind.

It also helps make Easter a much more joyful day. Plus I get to sing my favorite favorite FAVORITE Easter song. Jesus Christ is Risen Today.

Happy Easter and God's Blessings to YOU!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Plague

I celebrated my birthday with my sister and daughter.  Weeeeee, it was fun.

I caught the plague. Really - it has been awful. Headaches, coughing, PHLEGM from hell, nose blowing.

Therefore, I have not felt like blogging.

Also work has been killing me. Hubby gets mad that I don't rest and fight off the plague but I can't when work demands this project get done. Sigh...

I'll have a good blog next time.

Promise. Cough. Sputter.