Monday, March 19, 2012

Sex Party - My house - Photos!

WOW - with a heading like that I should get a lots of hits on this blog.

Have I ever told you about my favorite part of blogging? It is the actual naming of the blog.

It lets me be creative and have fun with words.  It entices people to peek in at your posts.

It is like a short Twitter just about your particular blog.

For example, my last blog about a bird. Now just labeling it Red-tailed hawk or Bird on wire would be so boring but it does get the point across.  Now BIGBIRD would have been cute but it would have only attracted 5 year olds looking for the perv in the yellow feather suit. 

Now my blog name of Close encounters of the bird kind is a play off the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". Fabulous old movie about creepy things getting people. Well birds ARE kind of creepy and this bird DID get awfully close to my husband so the title really fits the blog.

By now a lot of you are probably wondering where in the heck are the sex pictures? Heck, I might even get a Blogger monitor to look at this post with a name like that. Hey, if any of you do look at this post, put me on the Blogger feature page   :-)  I would love new readers!!!

Sorry to disappoint you all but the heading was just to attract attention. This was the whole point of the post, how the title is my FAVORITE part of my blogging. Don't get mad at me. It was all in fun.

Look back at some of my blogs and enjoy the play on words and maybe next time I'll include those sexy photos!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Close encounters of the bird kind

Last night my darling husband was out grilling pork chops on the grill.  I am making potatoes and corn inside when he yells in - "HURRY, COME HEREEEEEEE NOWWWWWWWWWWWW!"  I run towards the back deck, get half way there and he yells next, "BRING THE CAMERAAAAAAA."  So I run back, grab the nearest camera, and run back out. I still do not know what is going on but hubby can barely speak he is so excited.  He points toward the trees. I finally see what he is pointing at up on the electric wire, a red tailed hawk.  It had landed on the house about 6 feet from him, sat there and then decided to fly to the other side of the yard and perch on the wire for our picture taking pleasure.  Enjoy.

Friday, March 2, 2012


Here is one reason why sometimes I do not get to blog... THE ZOO. I would like to introduce you to some of our pets, or as I like to call them family extensions. I love them all but they sure as heck can be as frustrating as family members.

Let's start off with the newest member of the family. This is Snowball. He arrived mewing plaintively on a very cold and snowy night - thus the name.  He was Snowflake until we discovered he was an intact male. That name just didn't seem masculine enough so my daughter changed it to Snowball. He is minus the balls now except for in his name! (hee hee)

When I went out to take my first pictures of him I couldn't find him until I looked up. Yep, he is on the roof of our home. He is quite the character and OHHH SOOO LOVEY! He is quickly earning a place in my heart.

Snowball loves Mia as you can see in this next photo. I think Snowball wishes Mia would be a little bit more aggressive but he loves her all the same. He will go running to lay down and roll in front of her like the picture below. She sniffs him and sometimes falls over on him. He doesn't mind.

Mia, the dog smaller than the cats, you have met in a prior post if you have read for very long. She is a toy fox terrier with severe medical conditions. We rescued her and are doing our best. She is not a good fit for our busy household and would do much better in a quiet home but we love her all the same.

Here we have Buddy. The poor thing is misnamed. She should have a nice feminine name but we had no say in naming her. She was also a rescue kitty and came to us severely traumatized.  After 9 months she is finally calming down and has been known to rub on my legs occasionally. I am SO happy she is recovering and beginning to trust me.  Her meow will never be normal but that is what makes her unique.  The flash hurt her eyes so I couldn't get a good shot with her eyes open.

I had to throw this next shot it. I was in a mood with the camera getting all these shots of the pets when my son came home. I think he thought the paparazzi was after him! Nope, just mom being silly telling him YES he is one of the pets. HA HA!

Next we have a long-timer. This is Suzi. She has had her own MySpace page and now she has her own Facebook page.  We sometimes refer to her as the Queen.  She and her brother came to me as adults so I had no say in naming these guys either!!! I see a trend. Their prior owner was an older gentleman who had to go into a nursing home and couldn't take them. I have probably had them for 6-7 years.  Suzi is very timid with everyone except her brother. She has been known to open a can of whoop ass on him when she thinks he is out of line.  Suzi's favorite thing to do is saddle up to the food dish and have her way with a big bowl of kibble. She also L-O-V-E-S the brush. She will actually start drooling when she sees it and prance around for at least 1/2 hour getting brushed. I can relate to Suzi. :-)

Next we have Suzi's brother Snoopy. He is outgoing, friendly, and has kidney and bladder issues. He is terminal but we don't know how long. So we love him every day and try to keep him out of trouble.  He loves to open doors and will pound on them if they are locked shut until someone comes to visit him.  His territory is now in the basement as his urinary issues were partially to blame for a spray fest upstairs.

I would love to say he was waving for me but to get his attention I was dangling something in front of him to get this shot. He loves playing with string. He weighs in at around 16 pounds so quite the lug when he decides to jump on your stomach!

This, my friends, is SHEENA, princess warrior. Doesn't she look like a warrior in this picture? I mean seriously she looks as if she is going to claw my eyes out at any moment for taking this picture of her. She is our garage/outside kitty. She does not like Snowball at all! I am sure she could just sit on him and be done with it but she would rather his and run. I hope they learn to tolerate each other soon.

These next photos are more peripheral pets but still count as we take care of them.  This first one is of my pond. The pond does not look so pretty in the winter but in this photo you can see in the bottom left corner if you look closely an orange color. That is one of our 7 fish.  Some of these fish have lived in our pond for years. We have one old one I call Blackie. He is a black gold fish and rules the roost. They are relaxing to watch in the summer.

These are more our winter time pets. We feed the wild birds.  They are fun to watch and we get quite a variety of birds to our feeders. The husband even gets to take pictures!

So there you have it. Why my blogs are sometimes slow in coming. I'm probably cleaning up cat barf or changing a litter box but I love them all!  Thanks for stopping by.