Sunday, April 20, 2014

Birthday Present

Can I just say I HATE MY LAUNDRY ROOM FLOOR? There that is out of the way. Here is a picture of said floor. I have hated it for so long that I can't remember liking it. I mean I picked it out so for some brief nanosecond of time I did think it was nice but very short lived.  Now the pattern was good when I picked it out. It was the style of things in 1993 but that isn't why I started hating this floor. I started hating the floor because of what it does. Look at it, looks dirty doesn't it? Yes this floor decided to ooze black though it. This photo is a clean swept and scrubbed floor yet it looks filthy. THAT is the biggest reason I hated this floor for so long.

Here is a parting shot of the floor as you will soon see my birthday present from my FABULOUS, WONDERFUL, AMAZING HUSBAND was a new laundry room floor. I have been scoping out exactly what I wanted and I selected bamboo. It looks like wood, yet it is perfect for a laundry room as it won't warp if wet (good for laundry which has a tendency to get wet.) Hubby enlisted the help of his dad and brother-in-law to get said floor installed.

Can I just say they are pretty amazing also? Here they are installing the floor. They worked hard and it looks amazing. It is exactly what I want.

Here is a shot of the almost finished floor.

Finally a shot of exactly HOW much I love my new floor. (I was pretend licking it!!!)

Thank you to everyone that made the project a success.