Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Nation's Capital

Well after all these years of traveling for work I finally got to see the nation's capital - Washington D.C..  I am glad that I finally got to see some of these historic sites. I was VERY VERY lucky to even get to see anything as we were there the week before the government shut the doors on these wonderful historic landmarks.

The trip was for work. We had to go learn about a new planning software program we are implementing and the company had a conference to share ideas and learn new things. We had to leave on a Sunday morning at 6am!!!! Now that is just crazy but our company will not let us fly direct so it took 6 hours to get there as we had to fly to Dallas first.  We arrived around 1pm - took the metro to our hotel and checked in. The metro stop was right across the street from our hotel so it was wonderful and easy to travel around the city using that system. One of the ladies aunt had some metro cards so we used those! It was fun. We only got caught one time during a busy time where we were VERY close to all the other riders. The other lady I was traveling with is so tiny she had to hang onto me as she was unable to reach the bar to hang onto in the subway car. It was a hoot! Of course we were so packed in she wouldn't have gone far anyway.

So anyway, on that Sunday after check-in we headed to "the mall" which is Capitol hill area not a shopping mall. We began to walk, and walk, and walk, and walk some more. We walked for 6+ hours straight!!! I do not know how many miles but it was over 8 miles.  Next I will just show you some of the sites I did see during my stay. We didn't just walk on Sunday. On Monday after our training we went to Georgetown and walked up and down the entire shopping area. Tuesday we went back to the downtown area and ate at the Old Ebbit Grill. I guess this is where all the political folks hang out but I didn't look for anyone. I just enjoyed the restaurant and the decor.   On Wednesday we went back to "the mall" and walked some more and toured a few of the Smithsonian's before heading to the airport for our late flight back home.

I learned a lot at the conference and saw a lot of historical sites. My brain was full of both by the time I got home. It was a good thing and I am glad I went.  Now we will get into the photo portion of this blog. These are just a few of the things I saw. I didn't even take many photos after Sunday.

I have always liked the Lincoln memorial when I saw it in movies or on TV. I was not disappointed when seeing it in person either. It was even more impressive I would say because I got to see the outside of the monument in addition to the statue itself. I thought it was great and the view from the steps was awesome!

This is a different shot of the Washington monument.  There was an earthquake a couple years ago and to make it safe again it needs major repairs.  The stuff all around the monument is scaffolding to aid in the repairs. I like to think I got a unique view of this monument.

Here is the famous White House. I was surprised how far away from "the Mall" it was. There were a lot of other federal buildings near here but they were all drab and dull. This really stood out and was a beautiful building from what I could see from this distance. It looked like they were getting ready for some sort of event later as there were tents and musical equipment set up in the corner of the lot.

After all that walking around we decided we should see Arlington cemetery. I am very glad we did even if that meant another 2 mile walk...up to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  That was an extremely moving experience to watch the changing of the guard.  I was impressed!

Another shot of the guard marching after the changing ceremony was completed.

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Here is a shot from Lincoln memorial looking over to the Washington monument.

And finally a shot of a tiger jumping out of the Smithsonian. Loved it.

Sorry it took so long to post...