Monday, June 23, 2014

What a spring we have had...

Now that it is summer, I guess I should be writing about our wild spring. First, the weather stayed so cold for so long. We had our latest frost ever in May. We got our garden in so late that we only got one cutting of lettuce! The tomatoes are slow in growing, the sweet corn has been blown over and replanted so many times I doubt we harvest anything. I think you are catching my drift of how our spring progressed.

Next there were the storms! Oh such dreadful things. We have had torrential rains - 3+ inches at one time on multiple occasions. Wind- yes the wind normally blows a lot in the Midwest but with the storms it was awful. It blew down trees and power lines, the news stations cameras even caught the winds moving down the streets. Next was the many folks properties destroyed or badly damaged by the giant hailstones. Our automobiles battled the hailstones valiantly but lost as you can see in the photos.

This was one that went through daughters car - yes that is about tennis ball size.
Here is son's car. It by far got the worst of it with windows broken out, head lights, tail lights, interior and of course exterior. It even blew the wiper blades off the front of the car...or beat them off.

This is just a photo of one of the many flooding incidents in our driveway from the large quantities of rain in a short period of time.
Lastly and most sadly are the tornadoes that have hit. It was the first loss of life in 10 years in our state. There are many photos and videos on the Internet so I won't bother sharing here but it made me so sad for those folks. I pray for them and also ask why?
To end on a positive note, I am happy to say we have the cars back on the road and kids are happy and thankful to be driving again.  I am ready to move on to the warm summer days.