Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I'm going too!!!

I thought this was just too cute and I had to share. Ann is packing to go to Dallas this weekend.  Look who wanted to come along!

Isn't she just the cutiest thing and she fits perfectly!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Just one day off

There really is something to getting burnt out at work. I was so there but haven't had any chance to take time off. This week really isn't a relaxing week but it is away from work and I haven't checked my email in 3 days!!! Today was so nice. I was on the go from 6am to 6pm but it wasn't office work and it was very fulfilling to me. OK hang on -here was my day.

Up like I said at 6am. Got the cats fed, hubby fed, and scooted out the door for a 40 minute walk around the lake. It was very cool and foggy and I loved every step of it. Just me and nature. I came back hungry. I drank some water ate a cookie and chopped up a melon and had some of that.

Next after some quick on-line banking it was off to pick up the children from their dad's house and shuttle them over to Bible School. They are helpers all week.

Zoom home, pry the oldest out of bed to help me take two cats to the vet. Just before we have to leave, vets office calls and says they have to delay us an hour. OK. I head to the garage and start detailing my car. EWWWWW what a mess it was. I swear I wiped that thing 3 times and it still isn't quite like new.  I didn't get the car finished before it was time to take two howling upset cats to the vet.

Rush home, drop off oldest so he can eat lunch and head to work. I work on the car a bit more and then zoom back to town to get kids from Bible school.

Get home - feed them. Have them complain the food isn't good enough. I escape to the garage to finish the car. It is BEAUTIFUL.

Next it is back to town. Daughter drives to her drivers education class. I drive home. Youngest resumes mowing he started before we left. I paint a small outdoor table that I have been wanting to paint for a couple years. Yell at the boy to slow down about 50 times. I think he was trying to see if the mower could fly...

Go back to town (yes that was 5 trips today) pick up daughter. She drives home. I make dinner including heading to the garden to harvest some lettuce for our dinner. Everyone is happier with dinner. Have children clean up kitchen. I head back to the garden to weed until my back screams NO MORE.

Jump in the shower and then head out to our deck and relax on my love seat with a couple of the cats.  It was a beautiful night and a very productive day. After all that I am H-A-P-P-Y!!!