Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I think one reason we are happily married is my husband's ability to put up with me! I am a doer. I like to get a LOT of things done. I like to get things done when he would rather rest.  The following is my story of one such recent attempt for him to rest and me having nothing to do with it.  In the end hubby was able to accomplish his task but what should have taken a couple hours took quite a bit longer. Now sit back and enjoy the story.

Before I get started on the story, I have to tell you that hubby made me open a gift on Christmas Day. This is only unusual as the kids were not around or we would have opened all our gifts that day.  I received a beautiful pair of earrings. I wanted to wait to open all of my gifts at once when kids were around but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. So I relinquished and opened the gift.  This will be important later in the story. Now back to the story, or should I say onto the story… We had off work Monday. Hubby wanted to spend the afternoon napping and asked me to join him. I said we have been napping and being lazy for the past 3 days! I say Time to get something done. Well to hubby, lazy time is getting something done. I was having NONE of that. (Can't you just picture me stand there with hands on hips while he is on couch???) The rear brakes and rotors needed changing on our daily drive to work car, the Impala. I suggested he work on those while I bake and work in the house. He can have “man” time in the garage. He was not to keen on that idea but did the man mumble grumble and went to the garage.
After about a ½ hour he comes in with Excuse #1. I don’t have the parts and I don’t have any money to buy the parts.  Response #1 – take my debit card and go buy them. Foiled! So off he goes to auto store for parts. A while later I peek out to the garage and see cars rearranged so he can work on them but there has been no real work completed yet.
A bit later he again comes into the house. Excuse #2-I can’t do this job. The jack will not work and I am not working without a proper jack. He looks so proud of himself. He has found a way to get out of completing this task today.  Response #2 – Follow me.  So I take him by the hand out to the living room, set him down and dig for a Christmas present. I push it in front of him to open. Foiled again!
Excuse #3 – A look of horror crosses his face. I can’t open that. It’s not time.  Response #3 – Oh yes you must dear husband. I had to open one, and so now you must too! And Foiled Again!
Excuse #4 – But opening that will make me have to do work. (said in whiny voice) Response #4 – head rolling. Just open the d*mn present and be thankful.  More whining and delaying ensues. All to no avail of course.
Finally, he opens the gift, man grumbles and proceeds back to the garage. He gets one side complete and  the 2nd tire off when he looks at the second set of brake pads. They are defective!!! Back to the store for another pair, only to discover they do not have another pair for an exchange. Instead he has to get 2 new sets of completely different pads and redo the first side again! It ended up being a long day for him. I, of course, had no pity as all the excuses wiped any pity I had away. J  I still laugh hard at telling this story.

I love my husband! Thank YOU hubby for letting me write about this.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wife Porn

I thought I would have a little fun tonight and post some wife porn.

You will understand when you watch.

Enjoy my silly humor.

Isn't he cute :-)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I do not like banks. They make themselves sound like they are your best friend. They are here for you. Come to us and let us help you reach all your goals.


They are here to make a buck off you just like the next guy.  I have bank accounts because they are a necessary evil not because I want one. I don't want them to be my friend. I don't want their advertising. AND I don't want their free picnic set for opening a savings account with them.

Instead, give me some decent interest off having my money with you. Don't charge me service fees for everything under the sun. Quit telling me you are here to help ME.

I think you get the idea.  I ran across this joke today. It sums it up perfectly.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Bars/Pubs/Taverns and drinking

Take into account the 80/20 rule with the following statement. More negative will enter your OR a loved ones life than positive if you frequent bars and partake of liquor while there.

I posted the above to FaceBook and only one person was brave enough to comment on this. I find that in and of itself interesting.  Did no one want to offend me? Is the comment so out in left field that it didn't warrant a response?  Or did it make people think about hard issues that they just can't deal with?

First I want to say I am not against people going to bars. It is just that a lot of bad things happen in bars or as a direct result of going to a bar.  I'll try to address some various thoughts that are in my brain on this topic.

It is very convenient to stop in a bar to meet someone for a quick meeting, an after work drink, or to meet friends. It is a public place yet can be private if it is somewhere you never go. It is considered a "safe" place to meet a complete stranger and that is where the more negative things come into play...infidelity, rape, gambling, you get the idea.

After my divorce, I was introduced to an entirely new world.  One of the things was meeting hard core alcoholics. During my marriage, I had kept myself isolated from a lot of  those situations. A lot of the daily hard core drinkers drink at home but many of these types also have frequent hang outs (bars).  They use booze to help them forget all the bad stuff in their lives.  They either do not have someone close to them that cares or they won't let people close to them help. They are in a relationship with their booze. By going to the pub, they feel part of a group. That is ok to drink and "belong" when they feel they don't have that in any other part of their lives.  This is SO sad to me. Even sadder is they don't think they have a problem or even with to be helped and in the process severely hurt their children, spouse or others in their lives.

B-A-D.  Now you would think after 30 years of MADD and all the other groups out there people would learn. Not so much. Even the stiff drinking and driving penalties do not stop these people from doing it. Drinking and driving goes from the person who just stopped in for one after work to the hard core people I spoke of in my depression paragraph. Most of them NEVER get stopped. I am amazed at one particular person I know who drinks multiple times a week and then drives home, sometimes extremely drunk and has never been pulled over. This has gone on for over 20 years!!!! I would think their luck would run out sometime. This particular topic of drinking and driving affected me personally. Myself and my family were the victims of a drunk driver. This guy did not have a license, borrowed a friends car and took off down the road hitting me at a high rate of speed from behind totaling my car. Luckilly no one in my vehicle was seriously hurt and there were 7 of us in there at the time. I have no idea how that happened as 3 kids could have very easily been killed.  The police ended up finding this guy hiding out behind a K-Mart pretending nothing had happened. On the other side of the same coin, I have been guilty of riding with a drunk driver. I somehow thought it was ok. WRONG!  This is why I want to stress I am not better than the next guy. I don't like some of the decisions I have made in my life but life does go on as long as we learn from them.

I believe there are a lot of hidden agendas when you go to a bar. This maybe one of the reasons I do not like to go.  It is so easy to hide the real you especially if you do not know the other people in the bar. You can do, say, or be anyone you want to be that night. Of course you may fail to think that through properly. If you are not being straight forward, do you think the other people there are being straight forward and honest? How many women are looking to meet their Mr. Right in the bar of choice that week? How many men are looking to just get laid?  Yes, I'll be your Mr. Right for tonight until I get my candle wet (sex) and the women are left wondering why doesn't he call the next day?  This happens in reverse to but I just chose one example.  There are just to many hidden agendas for a meaningful relationship to happen with a one-night stand in a bar.

Confidence Building
Many folks feel shy and worthless and not confident enough without liquor. They feel a shot or two loosens them up and makes them seem more approachable or loosens their tongues so that they can approach others more easily. In theory that may seem logical, but it feeds back to the agenda paragraph. You need to build meaniful relationships with people sober NOT drunk.

Not hurting anyone
I have also heard this excuse multiple times. "Well I am not hurting anyone by stopping in for a drink." Yes, it is your life and you can do with it what you want but don't fool yourself into thinking you aren't hurting anyone. Anyone that remotely cares about you will be hurt by you stopping in for a drink.  Good friends, regular friends, spouses, and boyfriends have hurt me by this. I am sure they don't even see that as a problem just like they don't see the drinking itself as a problem. Remember you have the ability to hurt the most, those closest to you. (Stepping off my soap box.)
Good versus evil
If you take some time and look inside and listen to yourself, you will find and know where good and evil reside. There seems to be certain places good and evil gather.  For me I find good, positive, God-filled energy in nature.  Take a walk through the woods or a park and open your mind. You will feel much more positive after this experience.  Now walk into a dark, dreary, smoke ladened tavern and sit for a while. Do not having one bit of liquior to drink and see how you begin to feel.  I have actually came out of taverns feeling freaked out but not knowing exactly why I was feeling this way. I believe it goes back to where good and evil gather.  Think about this, how many people pray (serious prayers - not Please Lord let me get laid) or have devotions in a bar? Not a lot. 

In summary, I did try to find some positives to put in this blog but was unable to come up with anything more than written above. I could work on this blog and continue to add and change it for months. It is that important to me but will it change anything? Unfortunately not. I'm sure only 2-3 people will even read the thing and they do not frequent bars either!!! If nothing else maybe my kids can quote it in a future term paper. I do believe with my whole heart everything I have written.