Sunday, November 24, 2013


Hi readers, just taking a little time to say THANK YOU to all of you for reading. I hope you enjoy some of what you read and get a laugh now and again.  Thanksgiving in the USA is this coming Thursday. It is a holiday for us to reflect on everything we are thankful for. I have SO much I am thankful for.

Here is a short list:

My faith
My family
My readers
My friends
My home
Good food to eat
A nice home to live in
My pets

Take a minute and think about all you are thankful for this holiday season. Peace and blessings to each one of you.


Thursday, November 14, 2013

November backyard beauty

The other day I was out in the yard and had to stop in the yard and enjoy. Not often in November is there such beauty still blessing my back yard. Well this year it did so I thought I would share some of this late season beauty with you. I hope you enjoy as much as I did. What a wonderful way to count Sunday morning blessings.

A frozen red rose.

Multi-colored rose.

Purple mums.

Pink tea roses.

Red rose.

Yellow rose.

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Yep first it was peaches, now it is apples.

100's and 100's of pounds of apples.

Enough apples to make me whimper in defeat.

Here is a nice shot of some apples freshly picked.

This shot here is of some BBA's as I call them. Big beautiful apples still on the trees.

This shot here is of one of the trees.  You can see a the top how the branches broke from all the apples.

Dehydrated apples are SO yummy and easy to make. This first shot is of the apples freshly sliced and placed on the dehydrator shelves. Yes, I hand peel and cut each apple. Hubby helped to peel when he wasn't picking.

This shot is what those apples look like when finished. Still nice and extremely flavorful.

Here is a sampling of some apple pie filling for great desserts this winter.

The final photo is a sampling of the apples we gave away to food pantries and homeless shelters. I just added it up and we gave 1,030 pounds of apples to these places alone! That does not count all the apples I processed, the apples we gave to friends and family, and the apples that ended up in the garbage because the were not edible.

I put away all my canners, jars, and supplies tonight. I have the dehydrator doing the last batch of apples. Canning season is officially over. My gosh now it is holiday time.... Just shoot me now.