Monday, March 19, 2012

Sex Party - My house - Photos!

WOW - with a heading like that I should get a lots of hits on this blog.

Have I ever told you about my favorite part of blogging? It is the actual naming of the blog.

It lets me be creative and have fun with words.  It entices people to peek in at your posts.

It is like a short Twitter just about your particular blog.

For example, my last blog about a bird. Now just labeling it Red-tailed hawk or Bird on wire would be so boring but it does get the point across.  Now BIGBIRD would have been cute but it would have only attracted 5 year olds looking for the perv in the yellow feather suit. 

Now my blog name of Close encounters of the bird kind is a play off the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind". Fabulous old movie about creepy things getting people. Well birds ARE kind of creepy and this bird DID get awfully close to my husband so the title really fits the blog.

By now a lot of you are probably wondering where in the heck are the sex pictures? Heck, I might even get a Blogger monitor to look at this post with a name like that. Hey, if any of you do look at this post, put me on the Blogger feature page   :-)  I would love new readers!!!

Sorry to disappoint you all but the heading was just to attract attention. This was the whole point of the post, how the title is my FAVORITE part of my blogging. Don't get mad at me. It was all in fun.

Look back at some of my blogs and enjoy the play on words and maybe next time I'll include those sexy photos!

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