Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This and that

When I am feeling out of sorts I turn here to write and maybe figure stuff out in my head. The post may or may not have anything to do with what is disturbing me but just writing helps. I am sure a lot of you feel the same way out in blog land.

Since this blog IS called Ocean of Thoughts we are swimming in turbulent waters today.  Anyway.... first up insightfulness.

It is so much fun to see a brain develop. My daughter shared one of her thoughts the other day and I would like to share here because it really does make one scratch their head.

She says, "Mom, you are the most HEALTHY person I have ever known in my life. How come you aren't super skinny?"

Life is like that sometimes isn't it? I have to agree with her. I eat pretty darn healthy. I exercise regularly and I am still F-A-T. Not really fair but there is more to life than what I weigh. I do not have high blood pressure or cholesterol. I have all my pieces parts. I have a brain. I am able to work and help others. I do not take medications. Not half bad for an "old" woman.

What I came up for her, "I agree but I guess that is how God made me and wants me to be."
Right/wrong??? I don't know but it is all I had. I love her thinking and contemplating issues. Makes me happy as a parent.

Views of the world.

Isn't is amazing how two or more people can look at the exact same thing and see totally different things? This has been documented with accidents, crime and many other things. The car was blue from person 1. The car was black from person 2.  Not only does it give people a lot to discuss, it makes for a lot of discord in life in general. How does one recognize and reconcile more serious non-tangible thoughts that are emotionally filled?  An example I can give on this: I say, I don't want my kids to see "R" rated movies until they are 17. I am saying this out of concern for my kids brains and as a parent.  The next person hears that statement and thinks, What an over protective parent!  The third person thinks, Yes, I agree, children see to much adult content too early. And finally when the X hears it he thinks, Oh there she goes trying to control me and what I do with the kids!  One statement and many views.  No wonder communications are so hard.


Can we have a do-over on who I vote for president?  Enough on that...or you may stop reading!


I love music. All kinds. Depends on mood of the day as to the genre I am listening to. Today is as mixed up as my brain. Thank goodness for iPods that hold 1000's of songs. One for each mood! :-)
Music is a great way to vent emotions you are feeling.


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