Monday, May 6, 2013

Piggies - to be more specific - Big Papa Piggy

I am MAD. I hunted.

And hunted.

And searched.

And hunted some more.

I could not find the BEFORE picture of this post. It was so long ago that I started this process I somehow lost how ugly and horrible my big toe was and now this post just won't quite be the same. I will do my best to tell you it was I-C-K-Y.

It was short, thick, multi layered, flaky mess. It had been this way for 30 year or so. Yes, you read that right. I lost my toenail twice as a child and it just never grew back correctly. I was doomed to ugly big toe. Yes, people made fun of it. I was self conscious. I hated it. I did not know what to do to change things. It was HORRIBLE.

Then I saw an add for Piggy Paste. Yes, that is what it is called. It promised grand things. I marched into Walgreen's to see for myself if this was worth purchasing.  I caved and spent $40 for the small tube of goo. I was so tired of my ugly toe.  I began applying as directed. I should have invested in the Band Aid company as it required the toe to be covered with a Band Aid every single day so the product could stay on my toenail. I went through boxes!

Time past. More time past. I wondered if there was any hope for my big ugly Papa toe?  Here is a photo I did find. I call this my in progress toe. The ugliness had cleared up a lot. Much of the flaking and discoloration had left by the time this photo was taken but you can still see some ugliness at the top of the nail. 

One side affect of using this medication regularly was the dryness of the skin around my nail. It would dry out and peel layers of skin off. I had to use lotion on the skin all the time to alleviate the itch. That, and I would also go a couple days without using the product to let my skin recover.

Now the tube is gone. Am I please with the results. Yes. Is it perfect No. I will never have a completely beautiful Papa Piggy but he is now manageable and I am definitely glad I purchased the product.  THANKS Piggy Paste.



  1. Do you wear high heels? I ask because the shape of your foot to a point looks like you wear heels a lot. I use to make orthotics & have seen some serious foot problem due to high heels.