Monday, May 12, 2014

Bar Soap versus Body Wash

A new day a new topic. I have been wanting to write about this for a while now. Here in the U.S.A. body washes have been all the rage for close to 20 years now. Bars of soap are so out of fashion they are even difficult to find. Well I for one, would like to bring them back. Let's hope this post starts a trend to do just that.

Lets say you love a particular scent from a high priced department store. Now you can shell out $15-30 for a bottle of body wash and it lasts you what maybe a month, 3 weeks, less? Now if you can possibly find a bar of soap in that same scent it will cost you $15 or less for a bar of soap and that same thing will last you 3 months. I don't think you need a mathematician to figure out which is a better deal. You get the same scent for a longer period of time.

Next is the feeling and treatment to your skin. I think bar soap is much friendlier to your skin than body wash. Body wash is mostly water. Yes the same stuff you get wet with is what you are washing with using body wash. Wouldn't it make more sense to lather up your scrubby with a bar of soap than just adding some liquid to the scrubby???

I have to tell you my absolute favorite bar of soap ever was:  Kappus Soap  - the Blue Iris was the one I had.  Now how my wonderful husband got a hold of this I have no idea as by their website they do not even sell the stuff in the U.S.A. but he somehow bought a bar here. I would LOVE to have more but have not ever seen it sold. It left my skin so soft you would not believe it. Plus it had a gentle not overpowering scent. Did I mention how soft it left my skin?  I am going to have to find me more of this stuff!

Bath and Body Works, a very popular chain here has a whole 3 different type of bar soaps on their website.

On the Dillard's website 4 bars of men's soap, nothing for the ladies.

Macy's actually had the most with 13 types of bar soap.

So whether you are doing it to save some cash or you want to try something new. Walk into a specialty store and ask for their bar soap collection. You might just be surprised as to what you find.

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