Monday, January 5, 2015

Fit & Fat - PART 3 - Trackers

If you have read my blog for any length of time, I occasionally do a series on being fit & fat at the same time.  This is installment three of that series. If you wish to read #1 and #2 please do so at:
Part 1
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 This time I am writing about fitness trackers, specifically my Fitbit Force and now the Fitbit Charge as that is what I own. I got this as a Christmas gift last year and have been faithfully using it ever since. By using it I mean I put it on my wrist and wear it. Once a week or so I charge it. That is how easy it is to use a fitness tracker. Some models you put in your pocket, some you wear on your wrist, some you can shower with, some you can even swim with. Do some research and choose what fits your lifestyle.

I am a type A so I love tracking and analyzing things. The reports from the website are awesome. You can select different items and get cool graphs of what you have been doing. I absolutely LOVE this tracker.

You can join groups. I belong to the over 40 group and desk jobs groups. These will send you daily emails on what others in the group are posting about. You can post entries for motivation of others or just read what others are posting. I think I would get to frustrated following a group of marathon runners in their 20's. I would give up before I even get started. Keep this in mind when signing up for groups.

You can add friends. I have over achieving friends!

It keeps you in the know of how much you really ARE exercising. I have been known to walk up and down the hallway in the house just to reach my step target for the day!

I hope I have enticed you to taking control of your exercise life, make it a priority. You don't have to choose the tracker I have but get out and find something to make you accountable for your activity. You will not be sorry.

I have shared my last years steps on the link below. I hope you can see it.

If not here are my statistics:

4,000,000 steps!!!
That is 1897.42 miles.
I climbed 6,626 flights of stairs.
I burnt 879,297 calories. WOW.

I am going to try and increase those numbers in 2015.

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