Monday, October 24, 2011

Rescue Puppy!

I have posted this blog on behalf of Mia - rescue puppy.

Hi everyone. My name is Mia. I am a toy fox terrier. I am white with brown spots. Everyone tells me I look like a Chihuahua. I thought I would tell you a little bit about myself. Mom and dad call me a rescue puppy. I guess I came to them in sad shape. The vet told them they saved my life. I am glad for that.  Here is my before picture. I was having a seizure. I still have them but not nearly as often. I get peanut butter twice a day to help. Mom says she puts medicine in it but I can't even taste it. I don't like to talk about my life before mom and dad. It is just too sad.

I have to say after 7 months in my new home I am a new dog! Yes, i still have things to learn but I am so happy I am really going to try and do what mom and dad tell me. Sometimes it is just SO hard. I get so excited I just can't help myself. So now a little bit about the new me.

I'm alert, curious, and still shy. I play with toys now. Yes, they are technically cat toys but I am only 7 pounds - just the size of most cats so it works well for me.  Speaking of cats, my best friend is Sheena. The poor thing has to stay outside most of the time. When I go out to go potty, we play. I have to stay away from her claws though. She can get a bit carried away and scratch my nose. I run around and she rolls around on the ground. We have the best times. Sheena will even follow me down the road when I do my business. I am glad we are friends because the other cats in the family are not as receptive to me. Snoopy just ignores me even if I try to nip his ears. Suzi and Buddy, well I don't like them at all because they hiss at me.

I want to follow mom everywhere. I whine when I can't see her or be next to her. She is the best mom. I eat dinner at her feet and she will put human food into my bowl. She is naughty though because she buries it in the bottom of the bowl. Then I have to dig all the way down to get the morsel she left me. I still love her and put my doggie hair all over her clothes as a show of my love. If mom ever sits down, I will curl up right beside her as close as I can get. If she won't sit down, I climb all over my dad. He is so warm. I like to give him kisses too. He will watch movies sometimes and I curl up on his chest to sleep. It is THE BEST.

I have learned to bark when people come in the door at night. I also bark at things I don't like. These include: trombones, guitars, and evil laundry hampers! Those send me into fits of scared anger.  I also growl and snarl and snap at hair brushes when they are being used on my mom or dad. I am just trying to protect them you know.

Mom recently bought me a sweater. I HATE IT! I know I need it to go outside but it freaks me out and I forget how to walk when I am wearing it. Maybe soon she will post a picture on here so you can see me in it?  Well I'd better get back to doing my doggie things. Thanks for reading my entry.


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