Monday, June 18, 2012

Tribute to Mia

I hate writing this. It brings up the hurt and pain but Mia deserves a tribute so I will do this.

She was our little pumpkin. We rescued her, gave her a good life for the time we had her. She learned to smile with us!

Last Thursday she had a seizure. She had not had one for over a month with her new medication.  We went to check on her later in the evening and poor Mia had gotten worse. She was ice cold and her bowels had let loose.  We immediately called the vet and he said it sounded like she was in hypoglycemic shock.  We gave her some honey, held her to warm her. She seemed to perk up a bit so we put her in a box wrapped in towels by our bed.  In the morning she seemed a lot perkier but still could not stand. She drank water but was unable to keep food down.  We nestled her in her kennel and went to check on her at lunch.

Lunchtime visit was NOT good. She was worse so we took her into the vet. While there she began vomiting blood. We didn't want to admit it but it was time to say good-bye.

Mia can now run and play and chase cars. We miss her terribly. I miss her toenail tapping on the floor, her running right behind me no matter where I went. I miss her playing with me in the morning and rubbing on my leg like a cat.

You were a good girl Mia. (*sniff*) I miss you pumpkin!

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