Tuesday, June 5, 2012

How doth thy garden grow?

Isn't it amazing how quickly plants will grow if you leave them to just do their thing?

Garden update:

First we will start with the pond, which is a water garden to me.  You can see we have a small waterfall which a horrible algae bloom has taken place (grumble).  The lily is blooming but when I took this picture it was early morning and not quite out yet. It is a beautiful dark pink. I can see it peeking out in this photo but you have to know where to look. You can see the purple flowers in the foreground of a different water plant. The water iris are finished blooming. They are the tall reed looking things in the photo.  I need to get the algae under control and the pond will be great. We have the fish and some local frogs also in there.

Here is kind of a neat shot of one of my apple trees. The apples are doing OK. Not a lot of them but the ones we have are growing nicely. I liked this shot as the apples are still small.
This shot is blurry but I wanted to get close and show you how blackberries start out. Our bushes are just loaded with fruit. I can't wait to show you how big and different they look when ready to pick!  Some are still blooming as you can see at the bottom of the photo. (white flowers)
Next we have our peach trees. How many peaches can you see? I count 5 in this span of 6 inches or so. The trees are loaded with fruit. We have a lot that drops off but you can see how large they are getting all ready. I can't imagine how big they will be in another month. It kind of scares me as peaches have such soft wood that the trees break easily. Last year we lost over half of our smallest and newest tree.  I will be keeping my fingers crossed for no big wind storms to hurt these delicate trees.
Here we are finally to the vegetable garden. This is an overall shot showing potatoes on the left, sweet corn on the right, cucumbers and onions in the back. All doing fairly well.
Here are the potatoes and onions with a couple sunflowers.  I read the kids a book about the giant in the back yard - at the end of the book you discover it is a sunflower. Fun book and it makes me smile at the sunflowers towering over the garden keeping watch.
This shot is sweetcorn in foreground, tomatoes and peppers on the upper right and upper left is supposed to be carrots...I haven't seen any yet so I don't know if they will appear or not. Still hoping.  Our green beans are an epic failure. We have planted twice and the seeds keep rotting in the ground. Big sad face. I have no idea why that is happening this year.

I love my gardens and yard as you can tell. I'll try to keep doing updates this summer. I hope you enjoy following my garden as much as I like blogging about it!

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