Thursday, July 12, 2012

Evil bugs!

We had a mild winter so I should have expected it, yet it always seems to come as a surprise.
They have arrived in my garden with a vengeance.  They are eating and killing more than their share of garden goodies. Sure I will reluctantly share but when you bugs start taking over my garden I get upset and fight back!

I should say hubby has been fighting back. We have tried expensive sprays, reliable old Seven, and old fashioned squashing them under our shoes.  Still the bugs seem to be winning.

I had a beautiful melon plant with baby melons on it. It was the best melon I had ever grown.


Killed by a borer bug.

Those aren't the only evilness in my garden. We also have squash bugs and cucumber beetles. Summer squash - almost dead. Cucumbers - suffering.

Squash bug shown above.

Cucumber beetle shown above.

I don't know how I will get anything out of the garden with all these pests taking over but I guess we will keep trying. Everything I read on the bugs, is they are hard to control and eradicate.

Any ideas?

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