Friday, July 6, 2012

Flower gardening

I have been updating you on my vegetable garden and fruit trees but thought I would take a time out and show you some of my flowers.  These are just what happened to be blooming when I took the camera out and snapped some pictures. They constantly change as sometimes they take a break from blooming and others begin.  I don't have the offical names of most of these flowers so if you would like to comment and add names I'd appreciate it.

I'll comment on the ones I may know.  This first one is a moss rose.

 This is a gerber daisy.

 Another gerber daisy of a different color.
 A yellow clumping mini rose. This rose was almost dead last year and now this year it is doing really well. You just never know about plants.
 This is a late bloom on the amarillyis plant. I don't know if I spelled that correctly.
 A regular red rose. This particular plant is my most fragerant rose I have in my garden. The smell is AMAZING!
 These are climbing roses. I believe a vintage variety.
 This is a decentant of a cactus plant from my relatives in Palm Beach Florida. They had this in their yard and I brought it back.  This one fell off the original plant and began growing over the winter. Now it seems to be going crazy. I have good luck with succulent plants.
And these are some of my many Aloe Vera plants. Need some???? This started out from one 4 inch plant many years ago. Now I have them in 2 giant planters plus 6 or so smaller planters. Told you I could grow succulents.

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