Friday, August 3, 2012

Fighting my inner child

I don't wanna work.
I just want to bang on my drum all day...

So the song goes.

Some days it is so hard to concentrate on my job that I need to be doing and am getting paid for.

My brain wonders off to things I'd rather be doing.
My brain wonders off to things I know I shouldn't be doing!
My brain wonders off the job I should be doing.
My brain just wonders...

Yes - today is one of those days and you can see what is winning...sigh.

I think today I could be talked into skipping, playing on a swing set, or jumping into a swimming pool. My brain is doing 1000 things and none of them are productive but then again I think we all need these days to be creative and feel better. It's just that this should happen AFTER I am done with my daytime job.


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