Thursday, August 23, 2012

Off to college!

Well, we got the oldest off to college. He was SO excited to go. Then occasionally he would throw in some nervousness and freak out and then back to excited. It was like riding a roller coaster the last week before he left.

I let him determine all his packing supplies on what he wanted to bring. I did the usual you might want to think about bringing this or that which I am sure he was grateful for. My friends at work were placing bets on when I would start to cry. I told them I would be fine and they just looked at me and smiled.

We had to get an early start to be there when the dorms opened at 9 am! We made it on time and a lot of folks were all ready there unloading kids. By the time we registered and got keys his room mate had his stuff in the room all ready.  They were nice folks and between us all we figured out the most space saving way to arrange the room. Here are some photos.

Just a shot of his desk area. The sink and closet are on the other side of this wall. They have to have a common toilet/shower area but they are very close to those facilities.
Here we are facing the other way, showing their sleeping quarters. The window faces the south so they can get some breeze flowing through but no air conditioning!

Here is hubby with son. They get along very well and it makes my heart happy for the kids to have such a good role model for them!

Here is me with my firstborn baby! This was shortly before we parted ways. Notice I am still smiling!!! So proud.
We left in mid-afternoon. Son had some more orientations and we needed to get back as the youngest had a football practice we needed to get him too.  I gave him one final big hug and (I hate it when my friends are right) it hit me like a freight train. I stopped it up the best I could until we were out the door and my son was off the other way. Then I let the tears flow freely down my cheeks. Boy the sun was sure hard on my eyes this particular afternoon!!!!!

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