Saturday, December 1, 2012

Not tonight honey...

There are many many reasons why a woman says no to private time with her significant other. I am going to explain just one of them in this blog.

First, in case you hadn't learned this yet, females carry around lists in their heads. These are things we feel are important and need to be done. If things do not get off this mental list in a reasonable amount of time we begin to get stressed. As time goes on and items stay on the list longer and longer, the more uptight we become. This often comes out as crankiness, anger, tears, and in some cases out right bitchiness. Many times we do not express this well or often times we do not know what is even bothering us until we take a time out and make time to think about it. Then we experience an AH - HA moment! It is xyz on our mental list. Once we get that item off the list, it is like a weight has been lifted and our world is better. One other thing females do that is horrible to our significant others is we expect them to know what is bothering us on our mental lists without us telling them! This is unfair to the other party but we do it anyway. Sometimes we do actually say what we would like to get done but we do not make it known how important it is to complete the task so that the other party can benefit (wink wink) from this item getting checked off the list.

I will use my current mental item that is way over due as an example. My Christmas cards and accompanying letter.  I am very anal about doing one and sending to people important to me. I also do this for myself to chronicle the past 12 months. Yes, I realize it is not even on some folks radar but to me it is important. I have stressed all week that I  want to get time to get this letter written. Now I am not even asking that the cards be addressed let alone sent out. I just want the letter finished. Now we are to the end of the week and the letter STILL is not done. Needless to say I am cranky about this.  Something more important to someone else in the house seems to trump what I would like to finish.

Now I will explain why my one page Christmas letter did not get finished again today. Today is typical of my days and weeks. They all run together...

Wake up and leave house by 6:45 am.
Work until 5:15 pm.
Arrive home 5:45 pm.
Make dinner - no matter how much I try to delegate this duty, everyone defaults this to me as I demand halfway healthy meals.
Eat and leave house by 6:45pm.
Late to scouts by 7pm.
Run errands and get home around 8:30 pm.
Children and cats demand this, that or the other and wonder why I haven't done it sooner.
In meantime, hubby is now putting on his best seductive hat trying to get me in the mood with absolutely no clue why I am cranky even after explaining on Monday what I would like to get done this week. Yes only one thing...write a one page letter.

So that my dear readers is one reason the female in your house rolls her eyes, slaps at your hands, and says she doesn't feel well, is not interested, or it's that time of the month when really it isn't!  And to think we have 100's of these type of reasons. You guys really should feel lucky when we do say yes!!!

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