Tuesday, September 3, 2013

So hard to find...

It sure is hard to find good blogs to read.  I actually went out hunting numerous times with minimal luck.

One blog was purported to be funny, slightly offensive content. Sounds perfect for me. I viewed it and even subscribed. Very disappointed. All this blogger does is copy things from other places and stick on their blog in hopes of making a few bucks. No credit to the originator and absolutely NO ORIGINAL CONTENT!  I want to read a blog where the person actually contributes something to their blog not just stealing content from other sites and blogs.

Next search was for what I call "mom" blogs. These are blogs other moms write about their experiences raising their children. Baby mom bloggers are flourishing. They are nursing their babies and typing up blogs about poop and feeding and methods to get kids to sleep. I am past that stage so I refine my search to older kids.  I hear the wind whistling in the trees. Luckily a friend at work found this blog Erika and I follow her now. She is a hoot (big smile) and I think we would get along well.

Clean eating, I found a blogger whom I enjoy reading. She is a clean eater and has great recipes but her blog link quit working. I don't know if it is a blogger thing or if she went to a new format so now instead of seeing her blogs I have to go hunting for them. More work = less visits to her site.

My last complaint of the day is when I do get a blog I want to follow they only update once every 4-6 months. I need more fixes than that!!!! I know we all get busy and I have been guilty of going to long between posts but at least I do try.

Still no luck on gardening blogs. They must all be out pulling weeds or squashing bugs. (Pun intended there for your gardeners.)

So if anyone knows of good bloggers for teenage kids, slightly offensive content, or gardening/healthy eating I'd be happy to hear from you in the comment section. Heck I'd even be open to bloggers with a multitude of other things they write about as long the content is original and updated regularly.

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