Thursday, December 12, 2013


Well it is that time of year again, The Christmas Season. I have been thinking lately - wow I sure have a lot of rituals this time of year. I guess you could call them habits or routines also but it all boils down to a lot of extra work and things to do at a normally very busy time.

This is not a very good photo but it does show our Christmas tree. This year I went with a red and white theme. It was the first time I did the entire tree in a theme. The lights are white, angel on top white and all the ornaments are either crystal, white, clear, or red or a combination of both. It turned out really well and I love it!

I also have my Christmas cards mailed. I know you are thinking Christmas cards??? Who does that in this electronic age. Well I do. I love getting cards in the mail. They are always so beautiful and sometimes come with a nice letter from a friend or relative. It gives me joy to write our annual letter. It gives me pause to reflect on our past year and all that we did. I count my blessings I guess.

Baking...Yes I do all the baking I can this time of year. Cookies and candies. The kids love this part of my rituals.I have done one batch of both and have another batch to do yet. In addition to the kids scarfing down many, I give some to neighbors. I also donate to the church cookie bazaar so others get to eat the fruits of my labor.

Shopping - yes I force myself to do this also. People close to me always get presents. It is the season of giving after all. Some people also get the true fruits of my labor some of my canned goods! I hope they enjoy the love that goes into those gifts.

Cooking. I am sure I will cook a large Christmas dinner for family and friends. This entails cooking and cleaning. Not that my house doesn't need a good cleaning but it still adds more to the to-do list.

Here is to a lovely holiday season - no matter what your rituals or yearly to-do. Take a moment to breathe and enjoy a slice of time.

Love to you all.

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