Sunday, December 29, 2013


We all know how busy the month of December is...I know we bring it on ourselves but sheesh so much in one month. It is almost as busy as canning!!!

Since we had met our deductible for the year based on my E.R. visit early in the year I decided I should head into the specialist to see about my shoulder and knee. They had been bugging me for months and not getting any better. Remember I do not like doctors so for me to be going you know it was bugging me.  Anyway I can't get one appointment for both the shoulder and knee. NOOOOO, it is so specialized these days I had to see two doctors. Racket????? I think so. Anyway those appointments required an afternoon off plus it ended as I thought it would. Want a shot - NO FREAKING WAY. OK go to physical therapy.

So this busy month of December I have been working hard with my physical therapist to try and rehabilitate my shoulder and knee. Impingement and arthritis what a combo... I have been working hard all month and have improved. I can now straighten my leg out and move my shoulder without biting pain. I am not back to 100% but at least I now have the knowledge of the exercises I need to combat the pain.

I like physical therapists. They actually try to help you get well versus a doctor that rushes you in, wants to give you a quick shot or pills and send you on your way. Physical therapists listen to where it hurts, take the time to feel the knots and sore spots and help you to get well. My therapist has worked so hard. We tried: ice, massage, and finally decided heat was my bodies choice of ways to feel better. We both were amazed at how well both responded to warming before working the muscles.  The therapist, as all people who are allowed to touch me, say the same thing: YOU ARE FULL OF KNOTS!  I carry my stress that way so it was not surprising to hear. We worked through the knots and were doing well until one week we went to far on the shoulder. EEEKKKK pain all weekend. That next week we worked hard and had the chiropractor also adjust me and we are back on track.

It has been a lot to fit into the month but worth it to feel better.

Here is to a great 2014~~~


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