Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Lets file this blog post under: Things you need to know but no one puts in plain English for you.

Fiber - this sure is a topic that needs explaining. So for many years now we have heard - eat more fiber. Americans do not eat enough fiber. Eat at least 25 grams of fiber.

I counter with: how much is more? I'm American - how do the experts know I do not eat enough fiber? And finally how much is 25 grams of fiber???  Are you experts telling me that I am just like the guy next door and need the same exact amount as he does???? I mean really put this so I can understand. Make it simple!!!

OK so you get on a health website and see that apples are filled with fiber - a large apple 5.4 grams of fiber. That means I need to eat 5 apples a day!!!!!  Another one they suggest broccoli - 1/2 cup of chopped contains 2.6 grams of fiber. That means almost 6 cups of broccoli!!!!!  I need something easier than analyzing every morsel of food to tell if I am getting enough fiber.

Well this is why you read my blog - to get useful off the wall information that may make your life easier.  I acquired this knowledge the hard way by trial and error over many years. I do not want you to go through this same fate so am sharing with you.

You may need 25 grams of fiber a day or you may need 40 or 15. Your body is true answer of how much fiber you need. I am going to share that with you now.

I love graphics so below is a very self explanatory picture of your bowl movements. Yes, you read that right, bowl movements are the perfect way to determine how much fiber your body needs. Now everyone has exceptions on a day to day basis but keep track for a week - most need to fall into the normal range. If they don't, you need to adjust your fiber up and down.  You will need to find foods and or supplements that work for you. Again every body is different so your fiber requirements and what your body responds to will be as individual as you are.

First - not enough fiber. Second - just right. Third the puddle of mush in bottom of the bowl - a bit to much fiber.

Happy pooping!!!!

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