Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I tried...

So a feature of Blogger is you can see the various countries that view your posts. I don't have but one follower (my sister) but get occasional hits from other countries besides the U.S.A.  The biggest one is Russia.  This leads to the reason for this post.

I wanted to title the post THANK YOU in Russian. I tried to use Yahoo's translator but was only able to cobble together this:
Возблагодарите  ВЫ
You will thank / you
I have failed :-(   
Next I notice a little button in my toolbar. It translates as I type in English.
Тханк Ые!
Hey that looks better :-)
So to all you folks trying to read my poor Russian, I do appreciate you reading my blog!  Now just to get you all to leave me a comment!!!
Унтил нехт тиме, БЕ!

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