Thursday, January 3, 2013


Each new year I think it does a person good to think about what needs improved in their life. If you hear someone say "Nothing" they are lying to themselves. There is ALWAYS room for improvement in one's life. Go ahead take a couple minutes and think about what needs improved in your life. STOP READING UNTIL YOU HAVE THOUGHT OF SOMETHING!

See I told you you could think of something. It is good for you to recognize improvements that need to be made.

Next step is a bit harder. Yes, I am making you think about this. What can you do to make this improvement you have just thought about?  Am I asking you to do something drastic - NO. I am asking you to think about what you could do to make this improvement.  STOP READING UNTIL YOU HAVE THOUGHT OF SOMETHING!

See it isn't so hard just to think about what you can do. It is Good to think about improvements and what you can do to actually implement a piece of this improvement.

NOW is the H-A-R-D-E-S-T part. Actually do what you just thought about doing. What?!?!?!?!?


Yes, I am asking you to actually physically do what I only asked you to think about a minute earlier.  Yes, you can do this.  It will be GOOD for you to even implement even if it is only for a while.

There is always next year to extend this idea just a bit longer.

Now I am going to give you my personal example. Yours can seriously be anything from driving slower to stop smoking to walking more. I am not asking you to lose 100 pounds or run a marathon. I am only asking you to try and improve yourself for a period of time. Forever is a period of time but only if you are a real over achiever. :-)

So last year I decided I was going to eat healthier. I actually implemented this and watched myself eat healthier up until this fall after the garden ended. Then I did not do so well. Last spring I lost 8 pounds. I kept it off until this fall when I quit eating as healthy and gained it all back but one pound. I am still taking that as a win because I DID NOT gain it all back.

Now we are onto a new year. This year I am going back to eating healthy plus I would like to incorporate smaller portions into my plan.  You see it is not big things but small things that add up to big things that make a difference.

Don't worry about impressing someone else. Do something that makes you feel better. Decide to do  random acts of kindness. Plan to do it once a month. Even if throughout the year you only end up doing it twice, you will have made a positive difference in the world and that is what it is all about.

Blessings to you in 2013. I hope you make a difference!

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