Monday, January 21, 2013

Toilet Cleaning - required life training

How many toilets have you cleaned lately? Do you clean your own? I'm surprised how many people can not answer yes to that question. Even worse, how many toilets have you cleaned that belong to other people or public toilets?

Now you may ask why on earth would I want to do such a nasty dirty job? Well someone has to clean them right? Do you think you are so much better than those people that clean toilets for a living? Those folks deserve a lot more respect than you probably give them! I'm sure you have seen people cleaning public restrooms in addition to your own if you hire it done. Do you thank them? Do you tell them you very much appreciate the work they are doing? Heck do you even acknowledge their presence and smile at them? Well you should if you don't.

I will take it one step further. If you have never cleaned a public toilet you should. I guarantee it will be a very humbling experience. You may gag and you may even vomit, but clean up after yourself and think about things for a while. You are equal to those people that clean toilets - no better - no worse but the same. The next time YOU make a mess in a public toilet, clean it up. Don't leave it for those poor workers to clean up after you. They wake up and go to a job just like you. They are doing their best, why make their day worse? Isn't your job on earth to help others out?

There are even stories about this in the bible. No, not cleaning toilets but being humble. Stories about washing guests feet. That is a similar humbling thing to do. One lady went so far as to using her own hair to wash Jesus feet. That woman is to be admired even if she was a nobody to others around her. It is all done to make a point.

Now, let's take this one step further. How many toilets have your children cleaned? If they are above age 10, they need to do this. They need to be taught this valuable lesson in life. Half way cleaning will not get the story to sink in. Heck, I make my kids go do - over many times and I still wonder if any of these lessons sink in. They tell me I am a "mean mom" and NO ONE ELSE EVER has to do such things. Well all those other people are just missing out on values in life all people need to have.  Go show your children how to clean toilets. It will be a great teaching moment on multiple levels.

Yep, only I could write a blog about how cleaning toilets is a valuable lesson in this thing we call life!

Really, I am just trying to get you thinking...



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