Sunday, March 3, 2013

Income taxes

Guess what? It is that time of year again. We get to file income taxes. Well if you live in America and have a job and make a bit of money you have to file.  It almost seems like I am in the minority anymore with illegal immigrants working and not filing income taxes yet using the benefits of our government, or the so-called small business owners that decide it is their right to cheat the government and say the government should go after the big guy. (Shaking head in disgust.)  Yes I am one of those few honest individuals that actually do what I am supposed to do. I make money and give a percentage of it to the government to keep the U.S.A. a great country.

Let me just say it sure is a very very time consuming task. First you have to wait for statements and other official forms to show up in the mail. Then you must gather all these forms together in a spot where they won't be lost. Next you must take them to a professional to assemble onto the correct IRS tax forms OR you do it yourself through a program you purchase or God forbid by hand.  Inevitably you lose a form or must wait and call up for a replacement form. It never goes smoothly. Every year I know I need my auto registration slips yet since they are to be kept in the car when I get to that section of the tax form I am tromping out to each car looking up the numbers on the registration that I need for that particular deduction. Just a pain in the you know what.

I believe the amount you have to pay is just as unfair as rest of government.  Some of the loopholes allow the well off to pay less taxes than Mr. Truly Middle class. The sad thing is Mr. Truly Middle class has little knowledge on how to change the situation yet Mr. Wealthy knows how to persuade the government how to keep things as they are so they don't pay their fair share.  Knowledge is power so I ask Mr. Truly Middle class to educate themselves to make this craziness stop!

I also hate how the computer software programs rake you over the coals with fees for this or that and upgrade this so you won't get audited.  There is more ads and junk in these filing programs than tax  ode!  On top of all that their other gimmick is they charge to FILE your taxes!  If you are  lucky enough to make little or  no $ or file by paper (which they discourage) you are paying ridiculous fees to file these required forms.

The system is so broken it is sad.

The bureaucracy makes me just shake my head. There is nothing I can do as one individual to make the changes needed to our country. Very sad.

I have my forms all filled out. I would like to submit my taxes to receive my refund that is due to me. (I paid in more taxes than I owe.)  The computer software program and the IRS say "NO you can't have your money yet as we don't have the forms finalized yet."  I don't think I could get away with that in my job.

I need that refund. I pay my property taxes with the tax refund I receive from the federal government. Yes I pay yet another set of taxes from the refund I get from the first set of taxes I pay.  The U.S.A. isn't such a great place any more if you are one of the honest people.  I may need to retire to another country!!!


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