Thursday, February 21, 2013

One color and style does not fit me

Some ladies keep their hair style the same for decades!  Luckily I do not have a problem changing either my style OR my color. I love making it different. Is it always my favorite - no, but it sure is fun experimenting and trying new things. It is one of just a few things that I can change and have total control over.

The last change I made had so many people commenting that all those comments inspired this blog post. The guys I saw at work and out and about all went GA-GA over the color.  The gals either just stared at me or actually told me they did NOT like it. WTH??? I would never tell anyone I did not like their hair unless they were a close friend and asked for an honest opinion, but these people just had to let me know they did NOT like my hair.  These gals were just acquaintances. I thought it was amusing and absurd at the same time. I really don't care what they think but took their opinions with grace and my usual smile.

I thought I would share with you readers the various colors and styles of my hair over the last 5 years or so. I don't think I have a favorite but as I am putting together this blog I am all ready thinking about how I want to change my hair next time! I have my appointment scheduled in 2 days. :-)

One problem with my hair is that it grows horribly slow. I can go months and you can't even tell it has grown. So when I want to change styles of hair I have to be prepared to have that style for the long haul as it will take a long time to grow back out.

Here is to having fun with your hair. Don't be shy or afraid to change it. Just do it!

Enjoy the photos that follow, they are in NO particular order:

Above is my style for 2 more days...


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