Thursday, May 17, 2012

Have Uzi will Travel

One of my cats did a funny the other day and I just have to share.  This story is about Buddy. She is our upstairs kitty. This means she has reign of the main floor in our home.  It was getting near bed time and during the night she sleeps in my daughters bedroom.

Hubby and I begin to look for her to put her "in" for the night. He finds her lounging on my son's bed. He goes in to shoo her back to the other bedroom and she squeals and growls like she is being killed. (This is normal behavior for this rescued kitty that was tortured in her previous home by an adult male.) She runs back into the other bedroom, we shut the door and head to bed ourselves.

As we are getting ready for bed, hubby notices something on his side of the bed near his pillow. It seems that Buddy has not so nice feelings for hubby. She placed a toy Uzi gun on his side just for him!

Hubby shows me and I BURST out laughing.  Seems that Buddy has plans for my husband and they aren't to friendly.  I just said he better watch his back.  His response: "Damn cats!"

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