Thursday, February 14, 2013

How to see more of my blogs!

Blogger does not seem very friendly in moving from one blog to another. This is just my experience. If I read a person's blog and think "Oh I want to read more." BUT the stupid next blog button takes me to another persons blog and the one I wanted to read is forever gone!

Alas! I have  found a way to read more. It is in the lovely address bar.

Let's say you find this blog and LOVE it.

You want to read more by this person but do not see anything on the screen that says next entry or you just don't feel like subscribing by email.

It really is this easy.  Go up to the address bar and backspace so now it looks like this:

You will see the person's last few blogs.

So simple and you will not have lost someone you want to read more about!

Hope this tidbit helps you!

Have a great week all.

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